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Magnolia Grove Mastiff's provides a non transferable one year health guarantee to the original purchaser(s) from the date of birth against severe genetic (hereditary) hip dysplasia that would severely impact the quality of life short of euthanasia or caused death, should the buyer choose to abide by all of the following requirements.  If the buyer does not follow all of the requirements, the health guarantee is null and void and breeder will not be held liable. 

Prior to puppies going to their new home, they have been examined by a certified licensed veterinarian and have received their first shots and have been de-wormed.  It is the owner's responsibility to complete puppies immunizations which will begin three weeks after the first set of shots. 

Magnolia Grove Mastiff's will not be responsible for any communicable diseases after puppy leaves our care.  It is the owners’ responsibility to keep puppy parasite free, maintain regular veterinarian examinations, and feed the puppy a good quality dog food (should not exceed 23 grams of protein) and supply puppy with Nu Vet Plus supplements daily to ensure your puppy has optimal health for many years. 

Puppy should not be chained or tied.  The puppy will need to be provided an area to play and exercise.  Your puppy will become a very large dog.  Basic training will help you and your puppy during that transition and provide you a loving companion.   If the buyer cannot keep the puppy, the puppy can be returned to seller to be placed in another good home.  A refund will not be provided.

Buyer must have the puppy examined by a vet within 3 days (72 hrs) of receiving the puppy.  A copy of the exam must be mailed to the Breeder and post marked within 5 business days of the purchase date to validate the health guarantee (may also be e-mailed).  This is mandatory to start the one year health guarantee against severe genetic (hereditary) hip dysplasia.

Buyer is required to have the puppy receive all recommended immunizations and regular routine check ups by a certified licensed veterinarian experienced in large breed dogs. 


Puppy will need to receive a diet of good quality food (should not exceed 23 grams of protein) supplemented by Nu Vet Plus supplements daily for the life of the puppy/dog.  Nu Vet Plus supplements can be purchased by calling 1(800) 474-7044 using code 81337 or by logging onto  Nuvet vitamins must be ordered within the first 5 days of purchase (date purchased puppy) to validate health guarantee.  Vitamins can be ordered on line 24 / 7.

Buyer is required to provide breeders with copies of all receipts of NuVet purchases for proof of purchase if presenting a claim.  

Buyer will need to make available to the breeder copies of the puppy/dogs’ complete medical records along with a written diagnosis of the severe genetic (hereditary) hip dysplasia from two separate certified licensed veterinarians experienced with large breed dogs, to include the Mastiff breed, stating that the problem is genetic and is not the result of an injury, accident, disease, abuse, neglect, diet, excessive exercise or an acquired illnessDefects must be proven to be genetic and not caused by environmental factors or mishandling by the buyer.  Breeders vet must confirm and agree with the diagnosis.

If the puppy has been diagnosed with a severe genetic (hereditary) hip dysplasia, breeder agrees to replace the puppy / dog as soon as a pup is available with the same color and gender as the first pup. Replacement warranty will be terminated if puppy was found to be abused, neglected, or does not have up to date records of vaccinations and fecal records or if the dog has produced offspring.  The first pup MUST be returned to the breeders care within 72 hours of confirmed severe genetic (hereditary) hip dysplasia to receive a replacement pup.  No monetary refunds will be given.  If buyer chooses to keep afflicted puppy, there will be no replacement puppy and the contract will be null and void.  

The breeder is not responsible for any financial costs of the puppy once it has left the breeders property.

Please be advised that there will be No Refunds after the first 72 hours following the date of purchase.   (If puppy is being returned within the first 72 hours, puppy must be returned to breeder with all paper work that was provided at time of purchase for a refund, less the non refundable deposit.  Puppy must also be in good health and not injured from abuse, neglect, mishandling or an accident.)

Any disputes will be litigated in Breeders county and State at the buyer’s expense.  


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